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Manifest Config

Customizing the configuration object in Go is as simple as passing oras.WithConfig() option to oras.Push().

Suppose there is a descriptor configDesc referencing the config file in the content provider store.

configDesc := ocispec.Descriptor{
    MediaType: mediaType, // config media type
    Digest:    digest,    // sha256 digest of the config file
    Size:      size,      // config file size

To push with custom config, execute

_, err := oras.Push(ctx, resolver, ref, store, contents, oras.WithConfig(configDesc))

If the caller wants to customize the config media type only, pass the oras.WithConfigMediaType() option to oras.Push().

_, err := oras.Push(ctx, resolver, ref, store, contents,

Last update: June 29, 2021