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Distribute Artifacts Across OCI Registries With Ease

ORAS Cubes

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What is ORAS?

ORAS is the de facto tool for working with OCI Artifacts. It treats media types as a critical piece of the puzzle. Container images are never assumed to be the artifact in question. ORAS provides CLI and client libraries to distribute artifacts across OCI-compliant registries.

Features of ORAS

Artifact Reference

  • Attach supply chain artifacts to container images.
  • Discover and show the artifact reference relations.
  • Extend the registries not just for storing container images.

Distributed Software Artifacts

  • Manage artifacts in OCI registries.
  • Migrate artifacts across registries.
  • Manage artifacts in file system through OCI image layout.

Explore and Manage OCI Image

  • Manage image manifest and layer in an OCI registry.
  • Operate tag and repository in an OCI registry.
  • Explore the detailed content of an OCI image.

How ORAS Works?

Able to distribute any artifacts across OCI-compliant registries or OCI Image Layout. See all compatible registries.

ORAS Workflow ImageORAS Workflow Image

Build Your Own Registry Client With Rich Libraries

Install ORAS CLI in seconds

You can install ORAS CLI on different systems or set up in GitHub Actions in just a few seconds. See more installation methods.

brew install oras

Join the Community

Join the ever-growing ORAS community for updates, support, and collaboration.