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ORAS 0.15 - A Fully Functional OCI Registry Client

· 6 min read
Feynman Zhou
ORAS Maintainer
Yi Zha
ORAS Contributor, Microsoft Azure Product Manager

The OCI Registry As Storage (ORAS) project maintainers announced two releases of v0.15 for the ORAS CLI recently. ORAS v0.15.0 introduces four new top-level commands and new options to manage tags and repositories for advanced use cases. Three weeks later, ORAS 0.15.1 also released with a few known bug fixes. Since the release of v0.15, ORAS CLI has evolved into a fully functional OCI registry client.

Bundle, test and deploy Gatekeeper policies as OCI image

· 7 min read
Mathieu Benoit
DevRel Engineer, Google

ORAS (OCI Registry As Storage) is an important tool out there for working with OCI artifacts and OCI registries. As one of the users and advocates of ORAS, I witnessed the growing trend in both user adoption and contributions in 2022. In this blog post I will share an end-to-end scenario with OPA Gatekeeper policies and ORAS, from including the steps from bundling to deployment.

Policies are rules expressed in YAML that not only afford meeting governance requirements, but also improve the security of Kubernetes workloads and clusters. Policy engines like OPA Gatekeeper, Kyverno or even the new Kubernetes's Validating Admission Policies feature help write and enforce such policies. Once the policies are written, however, how do we easily and securely share them with different projects and teams? How do we deploy them across the fleet of clusters? How do we evaluate them as early as possible in CI/CD pipelines?

ORAS - Looking back on 2022 and forward to 2023

· 6 min read
Feynman Zhou
ORAS Maintainer

ORAS is a tool for working with OCI artifacts and OCI registries. It allows you to distribute OCI artifacts across OCI Registries. ORAS was established and open-sourced in Dec 2018 and joined CNCF as a Sandbox project in June 2021.

As you can see, ORAS has a long history and is still growing since it has an active community behind it. I was fortunate to join the ORAS community as a release manager in May 2022 and growing with the project this year. So I write this article to share the growth of the active community and project iteration that I witnessed in 2022. Let’s look back at what’s been happening this year and what we can expect in 2023 and beyond.